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About Us

iHAFIK Freight Logistics is a brokerage transportation logistics provider in United States. We prioritize the needs of our customers first, develops innovative solutions, and delivers value at a reasonable costs.

Our staff and drivers are committed to providing timely service and safe delivery of all products entrusted to us. All our carriers are highly skilled and experienced owner operators. Our approach is to work closely with each customer and carefully review with them, all their transport needs, and to deliver transportation services to matched their specific needs.

With our customers as our main focus, we are always searching for experienced carriers and owner operators to join our team. We use our database to quickly find the carrier matching your needs and offering the best solution at an affordable rate.

IHafik Freight Logistics LLC is part of our customers’ success story, and so we ensure that each and every customer is completely satisfied with our services, whilst exceeding their expectations. We comply with the safety standards set for the industry, to ensure the safety and security of our
customers’ goods and our drivers.

For using our services, we help our customers improve their productivity, grow bigger and succeed in their goals.

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